Cupping For Improved Immune Function

How Cupping Can Boost Your Immune System

Cupping has been all the rage lately and with its list of benefits, it’s easy to see why. Cupping has an effect on the immune system in three distinct ways that may help to boost the body’s natural defenses. Cupping first works to irritate “the immune system by making an artificial local inflammation,” and then activating the “complementary system” [1]. Cupping tends to work quicker and more effectively than synthetic outlets to help boost the immune system.

How it Works

Cupping is a treatment that lifts, softens and stretches tissues and nerves. When this happens, lymphocytes are released in the bloodstream which is “beneficial to increase immunity” that helps to “fight off pathogens and other harmful disease” [2]. This type of therapy helps to boost the immune system by increasing circulation to all areas of the body. Increased blood flow leads to better organ health and in turn a healthier immune system.

When white blood cells are able to move and deliver more easily within the body, the immune system is strengthened. Many wonderful benefits come along with this including but not limited to: decreased inflammation, improved sleep quality, healthier balance of stress hormones, improved immune response, improved antioxidant delivery and more.

Cupping and The Respiratory System

Cupping can also help improve the functionality of your respiratory system. Cupping is an “ancient modality…[that] can be safely enjoyed by nearly everyone in both professional settings or in the privacy of their home” [3].  Since cupping works to boost the immune system, it helps the body to naturally fight off any unwanted pathogens that find their way into the bloodstream. This includes improving respiratory function by working to help clear out congestion in the sinuses and lungs.

Cupping and Gut Health

Cupping is also an excellent way to boost the immune system by way of improving gut health. Since the act of cupping increases blood flow and circulation, heart, lung and organ health are all improved. This helps blood flow to the gut which can boost gut health as well. The gut is said to be the second brain. Increased blood flow to the digestive system can promote healthy gut flora and help to reduce toxins in the gut. Inflammation in the gut can be a symptom of an underlying issue such as IBS or Crohn’s. Having improved gut health is imperative to having a positive mood, energy, better sleep and overall better health.

Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is directly responsible for any inflammation we may feel or see in the mirror. When the body is holding a higher than normal count of toxins, it can get inflamed and look and feel puffy. Lymph is “a fluid that contains high levels of white blood cells, which can help fight against infection and disease” [3]. Cupping helps to reduce inflammation which can improve the immune system.

Types of Cupping

Cupping can be carried out in a few different ways

  • Static: cups are placed on the skin for up to 5 minutes to improve lymph and blood flow.
  • Dynamic: cups are used in a massaging aspect to help drain fluids.
  • Flash: this method involves a quick application, suction, and lift method repeatedly until desired results are achieved.

Cupping for Immune Health

Cupping has been used for a very long time and its benefits on the immune system have been effectively studied and reported. Whether you’re looking to drain excess fluid or help the body with its natural processes, cupping could be an excellent holistic method for you to try. It helps the digestive system, respiratory system, and reduces waste and toxins in the body. If you’re looking to naturally improve your immune system, reach out to use today to learn more about cupping and how it can help you.

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