How To Stop Painful Periods: A Holistic Approach

The Truth About Periods

What if I told you your period doesn’t have to be painful or feel chaotic?

I know you probably think that is impossible, and honestly, a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but it is true!

I can confidently say this, not just because of all my work on myself, but because I have seen it be true when working with biologically born female patients who come into my office. Even those issues that do not seem to be menstrually related, such as anxiety, excessive worrying, low energy levels, etc. Our body is one whole unit; when working on the mind level, the body also feels relief, and vice versa.

Our bodies in their balanced state shouldn’t experience pain, when we do have pain, that is a symptom, a manifestation of something more profound happening, and acupuncture and herbs can help us regain that balance that we lost.

In the case of our periods, when we have pain, it could be our hormones, it could be that the channels/ meridians that work to support our cycle are not correctly working, or the organ systems themselves may be deficient. These are all treated differently with acupuncture and herbs, but what all these have in common is they lead to painful periods, bloating, irregular cycles, mood swings, and so much more.

Some Menstrual facts 

Before I continue, I want to point out that our menstrual cycle is not limited to the time we bleed; it is an intricate cycle carried out over 28-33 days. Every week as biologically born women, our body changes, different hormones are triggered and released; this changes how energy is utilized, causes fluctuations in our perception, energy levels, creativity, sex drive, mood, etc. this is important because it points out that down to our biology we are not linear beings, we are cyclical, and rather than being taught about this cyclical nature that embedded into us, we are taught to ignore it, this can make women everywhere feel a little crazy and unstable. Ignoring this fact, however, and not honoring your cyclical nature can eventually make you unstable.

You may be wondering why this is so important. It’s important because week to week, we can adjust accordingly and as much as possible to promote the best outcome for our mental, physical, and even spiritual health. When we live in a balanced state, we move into health, moving into health means, over time, less and less menstrual-related pain.

The Importance Of A Woman’s Cycle

In east Asian medicine, a woman’s cycle is the first thing we inquire about when wanting to learn more about your health. Diagnosis for women of reproductive age is rooted in the quality of a woman’s blood, and any vaginal discharge; these inform us as to what channels and organ systems are deficient. This provides insight into what hormonal imbalances and messages may be occurring, telling us how to proceed with treatment, what dietary/ herbal recommendations to make, and what lifestyle changes to recommend.

The Birth Control Issue

In modern times the solution to most menstrual issues is “fixed” with birth control, but it isn’t fixed, that’s treating the symptoms, but it isn’t treating the root of the imbalance. Birth control is not a sustainable way to treat menstrual issues. If you stop taking it, all of your symptoms come back, and if you take it long-term, youre increasing your risk for blood clots, heart attacks, and even some cancers, such as cervical cancer.

What Can You Do?

Women need a long-term, sustainable solution for disorders like PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, moodinesss and more, and that’s where east Asian medicine comes in. Whether that be with acupuncture, herbal remedies, or dietary and lifestyle recommendations, there is a way to help you feel more stable and pain-free.

Starting with myself and all the women I have worked with, I have seen what holistic medicine and healing can do for women.

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