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Is Natural Skin Care Really Worth The Hype?

Is Natural Skin Care Really Worth The Hype?

Yes. Yes it is!

The skin is the body’s largest organ — so why use products made with harmful chemicals to “care” for it? If you want to take care of your skin’s health holistically, it’s best if you prioritize natural skincare products and practices. Traditional Chinese medicine has utilized holistic skin care for thousands of years to enrich the skin. Here’s everything you should know about natural skincare and its benefits:

What is Natural Skincare?

Natural skincare uses products that don’t contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Natural skin care products should contain naturally-sourced ingredients that come from nature. Here’s the thing: you should be wary when looking for skincare labels that include “natural.” In the United States, there aren’t rules that a company must follow to stick the word “natural” on their product’s label.

While the premise of natural skincare is undoubtedly positive, we want you to be an informed consumer when shopping around. We care about your skin’s health and your overall health! Some companies will use the word “natural” on their skincare label while still placing all kinds of chemicals and additives into the product.

Since the term natural skincare is thrown around quite loosely, we encourage you to find skincare products that have the USDA Organic Seal. These products must meet requirements to prove that they’re organic — meaning the product must contain 95 percent to 100 percent organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are grown without herbicides and pesticides, so they’re much better for your skin. To sum it up: organic skincare is everything natural skin care should be. Some natural skincare products are good for your skin, but it’s best not to rely on the word “natural.”

Why Are Natural Skincare Products Better for the Skin?

As you continue reading, please remember that we’re referring to actual natural skin care practices that use naturally-derived ingredients. Natural skincare is undoubtedly better for your skin than other alternatives. Since these products are made with botanicals and other raw ingredients, they will naturally provide your skin with the essential nutrients to thrive. They are also gentle when coming into contact with your skin!

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that our bodies benefit from plants over anything made in a lab. Plants provide vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fatty acids that naturally improve and enhance the skin.

Natural skin care products made with high-quality ingredients, no fillers, and no harmful chemicals will give your skin a naturally healthy glow. When you use natural skincare, you’re avoiding the following:

  • Synthetic chemicals
  • Toxins
  • Potential allergic reactions
  • Harming the environment and/or animals

If you have sensitive skin, you should certainly opt to use holistic skincare practices to avoid harsh irritants placed in other products. We know it seems strange that there would be harmful chemicals lurking in products meant to help your skin. Companies place these chemicals into products for various reasons — like to make products smell better, feel softer, or last longer.

What Are The Other Benefits of Natural Skincare?

Natural skincare doesn’t just benefit your skin. While the focus tends to be on how this type of skin care is better for our skin, it’s also better for the environment. The synthetic chemicals in skincare products can potentially wash down the drain and become recycled into our environment.

Further, how synthetic chemicals are created is not suitable for the environment. The production of these chemicals in factories worldwide contributes to greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

The impact doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, animal testing is still prevalent in the beauty and wellness industry. Animal testing exists because companies want to test the synthetic chemicals in their products to make sure they don’t cause harm to animals before selling the product to humans. Animals get hurt in the process.

When you choose to use holistic and organic skincare, you’re also choosing to lessen your carbon footprint and stand up against unethical animal testing.

The Best Natural Skincare Practices

If you care about the foods you put into your body — you should certainly care about the products you use on your body! Skin serums made with Chinese herbs are beneficial because different natural ingredients have distinct medicinal purposes. Our acupuncture clinic in Central Florida offers holistic serums to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark undereye circles.

The modern skin care industry tends to make the skin care process a little more complicated than it needs to be. Just because you’re using more products in your skincare routine doesn’t make it better! The best natural skincare routine might look like this: a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and moisturizer. There are holistic options for every type of skincare product — just be sure to read the labels thoroughly!

It’s best to follow a skincare routine in the morning and night. Your nighttime skincare routine will look slightly different than your morning skincare routine. Your nightly skincare routine should include serums that will go to work while you’re sleeping — so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed! For morning skincare routines, the number one priority is sun protection. You should include natural sunscreen as the last step of your morning routine to protect yourself from the sun. (Pro tip: there are natural sunscreens!)

If you are looking for a natural form of skincare that produces some of the best results, and want to take the next step in your skin care journey our Central Florida acupuncture clinic offers cosmetic acupuncture, light therapy and micro-needling. Light therapy is a scientifically-backed treatment that uses technology inspired by natural light. Our Celluma iPRO machine uses LED light therapy to improve your skin’s cellular health, reduce signs of aging, promote healing, and relieve pain. Microneedling is a process that involves tiny needles pricking the skin on your face, and cosmetic acupuncture involves the strategic placement of needles that produces a face lift effect— these treatments all naturally produce new collagen that will make your face appear smoother, firmer, and more toned.

Your skin and overall health will be better off when using natural skincare — but the impact goes far beyond yourself.

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