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Naturally Relieve Stress With Acupuncture

Acupuncture has proven to be an excellent way to help holistically alleviate mental and physical stress within the body. This process works without the added risk of long-term side effects. Research shows acupuncture as a safe and effective tool to mitigate stress and other health concerns. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture for a number of problems, including but not limited to:

● Stress

● Headaches and migraines

● Anxiety

● Depression

● Incontinence

● Sleep disturbances such as insomnia


How it Works

Acupuncture works on a physical and energetic level to alleviate stress and harmonize balance within the mind, body, and spirit. Physiologically this works by “restoring physiological functioning [through] a variety of mechanisms that contribute to these effects” [2]. Acupuncture can target nerves that lead to areas in the brain that can help reduce sensitivity to pain and stress by reversing this to promote well-being. The needles help reverse “pathological changes” in cytokines linked to inflammation and stress within the body [2]

Gabriel Sher is a head acupuncturist who works for ORA in New York City, NY. When asked about the effects of acupuncture on stress, Sher had this to say: Acupuncture “relaxes the system and mitigates the repercussions of stress created by our daily lives. It is an essential tool for physical and mental well-being” [3]

Stress Relief That Lasts!

Stress can come from a variety of factors. Whether someone is dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress-related to other health issues or life circumstances, it is something we all deal with at one point or another. If we’re not careful, stress can get out of control and overtake our lives, and our health will, in turn, suffer as an effect. Many people want a short, quick solution, no matter how unsustainable. Acupuncture may work quickly or may sometimes take longer, depending on many factors. Still, it is sustainable and has long-lasting effects on the body because it triggers healing from within. 

No matter where you’re at in your journey of easing stress and improving your well-being, acupuncture can be a fantastic option to help get you to a place of peace and wellness. By working directly with the nerves in your brain, the needles will help ease discomfort in other areas of your body. They can even alleviate chronic illnesses, even those produced as a side effect of too much stress, such as:

● Digestive issues

● Gut issues

● Low libido

● Racing thoughts

● Foggy thinking

● Forgetfulness

● Disorganization

● Tense muscles

● Weakened immune system

Treatment at the Source

Acupuncture works to help many aspects of your mind and body because it goes directly to the source rather than applying a bandaid to one area or another. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when booking your appointment.

  1. Does it Hurt?

Many people want to know if the needles hurt. The simple answer is no; it doesn’t hurt to receive an acupuncture session. The needles are incredibly fine and inserted only where necessary after a skilled professional does a complete evaluation with you beforehand. Most clients report they barely feel anything and if they do is a light pinch or sting, and it’s over.

  1. Relax

Once the needles are placed, you will remain lying on a padded table for around 25-45 minutes to allow the process to work. This is a very relaxing procedure and nothing draining or strenuous. You may listen to music or even an audiobook if it helps to relax you during this time.

  1. No Side Effects

As previously stated, there are no side effects with this procedure. Since it is all-natural, the needles work with your internal system to have nerves send new messages to the brain about delivering chemicals that will help you to relax. 

Book Your Appointment

When you’re ready, please reach out to a member of our team to discuss your needs. We will help walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and set up your first appointment. We look forward to helping you naturally alleviate stress through acupuncture. 

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