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Cultivate Your Divine Feminine

Live in Harmony With Your Inner Cycles

 Using the knowledge and philosophy of both Eastern & Western Medicine we will dive deep and cultivate awareness and receptivity to your own internal rhythm as a woman.

The goal is to provide you with tools that optimize your health and your life so that you may be more vibrant, balanced, and happy.

If you are ready to commit to a change, honor your feminine nature, and reconnect to the power living inside of you this is for you!

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What Is Mentrual Cycle Syncing?

Cycle syncing is a powerful tool available to all biologically born women.
It is the knowledge that the ancients had but was lost with time. 

As women our bodies go through 4 distinct phases, each causes a release of hormones which have a cascading effect on the body, and elicit different needs and requirements from us. This is set into motion by our reproductive organs, which are essentially meant to create, house, and produce life.

As women, we are natural-born creators!

Cycle syncing is awareness of this creation cycle your body undergoes every month and the understanding that it overflows into every area of your life.

This means positioning yourself for success by changing lifestyle, nutrition, social interactions, self-care practices, etc. to where you are in your cycle, and honoring the theme and energy of each phase, we achieve this by using ancient principles found in east Asian medicine as well as those found in modern medicine.

How Can Menstrual Cycle Syncing Help Me?

Hormone Balancing

Hormone imbalance will cause weight gain, headaches, painful periods, etc. Lifestyle and Nutrition are key players in hormone balancing. We will work together to create a plan that works best for you.

Blueprint For LIfe

The menstrual cycle is a roadmap.
Every phase highlights a different part of the creation process. Using your cycle as a guide will allow you to create a life you are excited for.


Living out of alignment with your inner cycles can leave you feeling lost, broken, frustrated, unable to properly set boundaries, etc.
Honoring your cyclical nature, will show you where and how to love, honor, and respect yourself.

Book Free 20 Min Consultation

Free 20 minute consultation call to discuss your cycle, plans, goals, etc. and determine if we are good fit to work together and which plan is best for you!

Femininity is a strength, not a weakness.
I want women to feel empowered without giving up their femininity.

-Catherine Malandrino


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